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Since the iPad's launch in 2010, avid online gamblers have been itching for a way to gamble for actual money on the device. Unfortunately, online casinos have been slow to respond to this demand. There are, however, a few online gambling opportunities for iPad users to play games such as roulette online.

What's the Hold Up?

The problem lies in the iPad's lack of a Flash-compatible Internet browser. Many of the games offered by online casinos are browser-based Flash games that just won't play on the iPad. This has forced many online casinos to spend time developing costly iPad apps. Also, some states, such as Louisiana, prohibit online gambling. If you're unsure of your state's online gambling laws, visit your state's official government website for more information.

iPad Gambling Opportunities

Authentic gambling opportunities on the iPad are few and far between. There are only a handful of online casinos that are iPad-friendly, including 32 Red Casino and Slotland. These online casinos allow users to bet and win real money, all from the iPad. There are some iPad gambling apps in the Apple App Store. Unfortunately, these apps are free-play only and do not allow users to place real-money bets.

As online gambling for real money continues to surge in popularity, iPad users will continue to demand gambling opportunities on the device. Eventually, online casinos will have no choice but to oblige and provide iPad users with real money gaming. As time goes by, we can expect to see the number of iPad-friendly online casinos grow exponentially.